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Ecobank Unveils Mobile Express Solution That Enables Cardless Withdrawal


- “Ecobank Xpress Cash” is the new money withdrawal option put in place by Ecobank. With this operation, customers of the Pan-African bank can now make withdrawals without a card. This Xpress Cash service allows customers access cash from Ecobank ATM using e-tokens generated from their Mobile App.

This Xpress Cash e-token gives customers total control over their funds to make convenient withdrawal by self or send a third parties via SMS, email or social media.

“The digital strategy in question directly favours’ one of the main factors of development of our economies, namely the financial and economic inclusion of the populations. Ecobank will thus be able to reach and serve more customers in Cameroon, including those who are unbanked, “the bank said.

It is vital to include in this report that in May 2017 Ecobank indicated its intention to capitalize on digital services. The bank launched “Ecobank Mobile App” that helped individuals and companies to use bar codes for payments and banking partnership with third parties. With “EcobankXpress Cash”, the Pan-African bank is the only one among the fifteen commercial banks to offer this type of service in Cameroon.

Find below the different steps to download the app:

  1. In PlayStore / Appstore Search and download Ecobank Mobile Banking


  1. Select Ecobank Mobile Banking (in blue) and click on download


  1. Select your Country-Cameroon


  1. Select language (English or French)


  1. Enter your phone number(This should be the number through which Ecobank sends you smses )


  1. Read and accept the terms and conditions of


  1. Click on activate


  1. In the Existing Account Holder box, select the Debit Card activation option ,click on activate


  1. Enter your debit card number and PIN code and validate.


You will receive an SMS with a temporary 6-digit pin code


  1. A window containing 3 fields to be filled out will open to allow you to choose your personal PIN


*Insert the temporary PIN


*Choose a PIN of your choice and insert in the remaining fields


  1. Click on activate to complete the configuration and view your accounts.


  1. In the menu section, choose "Open an Xpress account" to create your Xpress Account


Kindly download the Ecobank mobile App by clicking on the link below


ANDROID USERS: https: //play.google.com/store/apps/details? Id = com.app.ecobank 

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