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[INTERVIEW] : Video Vixen Speaks Out After Being Criticized For Her Sexually Explicit Role In Ambe's New Video


Some two months back, Ambe dropped a new video titled "Reste La" which took his fans by storm. The video which was directed by NS Pictures is a master piece which definitely has taken Ambe's career to another level. For every good product, there is always a drawback to spice it up and "Reste La" isn't an exception. Following the semi-nude and sexually explicit scenes, the video vixen who played the key role in the video has been harshly criticized. To this effect, Beta Tinz hooked up with the video vixen 'Mukete Christy' and here is what she had to say about the situation;

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Well I am Mukete Christy (kblanchz)a student at the university of Bamenda and also a video vixen

2. How did you with meet with Singer Ambe?

I met with the singer Ambe in a restaurant.  We shared the same table, got talking, became friends and still are very good friends right now.

3. What was your reaction when you were offered the chance to feature in his video?

Well when I was offered the chance to feature in his 'Reste La' video I was glad because I saw it as a forum to showcase my talent as a video vixen and I guess it includes acting too.

4. The video depicts you as a 'cheap' girl who will go with any man that comes her way.

How did you feel when the whole concept of the video was explained to you?

Firstly when the concept of the video was explained to me I was like "wow what a challenging role I have to play." But at the end of the day I said to my self it's just acting and took it up as a challenge to play the role as the 'cheap' girl. It wasn't like I was trying to bring out a character I possess, I basically just had to adopt a certain character, just so the video will be presented as it was written and I really didn't see it as an issue. I saw it as a platform to show that I could adopt any character depending on the role I am to play. Being a video vixen is all about acting, as a good video vixen one has to adopt any role given.

5. You appeared in the video half nude, thereby portraying a complete different image of

yourself. This simple act must have raised criticisms from the public. What did people approach you with and how did you handle


When I decided to take up this character and play the role in the video and appear half nude I was fully aware that I was going to get criticism from the public because we all are humans and have different views. I knew there were going to be people who will appreciate and some who will criticize. But I was just acting and nothing more. So to me the whole thing was just a girl acting and not actually Kristy. It was a challenging role and I overcame it. But as regards to my reaction when people approach me with such criticism I really don't feel bad or embarrassed because I know it wasn't really me it was just a girl playing a role. I was just trying to show how courageous and talented I could be.

6. Tell us about your working relationship with Ambe during the shooting of the video.

Ambe is a nice person he is very collaborative and he is someone who puts in his best when he wants to achieve something in other to bring out the best. So while working with him, I made sure I gave in my best.

7. If you were given another opportunity to feature in another video under the same

concept, will you?

Definitely yes, if I was given another opportunity to feature in another video under the same concept. I’ll definitely do it because each time I watch the video I am surprised I could bring out a character which I don’t posses. If I could do a video of that same concept then I really don't think it's a big deal doing another video under the same concept.

8. What can you say about the Cameroon music industry?

The Cameroon music industry, though it isn't that large at the moment , but you can agree with me it's fast growing and with the talents that make up the industry, in a couple of years I believe the industry will get to its peak. I'll like to give a' thumbs up' to the producers, directors, managers, artistes, dancers and many others who make up the industry. All I can say is, they should keep up the good job and I am very sure in a couple of years the industry will be one of the best if not the best.

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