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[Call for Nomination] : Nominate The Fintech Leader Voila Llewellyn for the WOMEN IN FINTECH 2017 Powerlist


Innovate Finance Women in Fintech.  Power List 2017”is back for the 2nd year running and has called for nominations. Nominees will be included in its 2017 power list

Up for nomination is Viola Llewellyn, the President and Co-Founder of Ovamba Solutions Inc; a leading Fintech company in Africa. As a role model and one of the few women in this male dominated industry, Viola Llewellyn is a successful and respected Africa & emerging markets inspiring Fintech pioneer. Her contribution in the industry has put her in the spotlight on both community and international levels. Whilst helming the lead at Ovamba, Viola Llewellyn has ushered in ground breaking innovations that are set to change the Continent and redefine FinTech from an African perspective. With these innovations, Viola has been able to impact lives and inspire other women from all corners of the globe.


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Closing the FinTech gender gap remains a priority for Innovate Finance the founders and curators of this prestigious list. Your vote can ensure that female leaders play a vital role in creating better financial services for our communities. Many institutions that support FinTech companies – including regulators, professional services groups, government organisations and marketing specialists– are today headed by women and we want to see this continue into the foreseeable future. Women they are driving FinTech forward and are helping to create impact and influence in one of world’s most successful business sectors.

Nominate Viola Llewelyn today putting her on this power list for the second year will inspire other women to become great Fintech leaders as well.



Click on the link below to nominate


Submissions close on 31st October 2017 and the PowerList will be released in November. We encourage you to nominate inspiring women who can share their stories and inspire other women to join the Fintech world.

For information on Viola Llewellyn please contact;


For more information on WOMEN IN FINTECH please contact

Website: http://womeninfintech.co.uk/

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