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[BRAND NEW] : LANJO CLIFF - Bang Seh Ngar Barah (Official audio)


Cameroonian Producer Lanjo Cliff,released a soul touching song on Sunday 24th September titled "Bang Se Ngar" a song he dedicates to all Cameronians who have lost their lives in the "Struggle" And most importantly to his late father Dr. Shiynyuy George, who was arrested only to be brought back home in a casket.He is hurt and the only way he can expresse himself is in his dialect(Lamso),Lamso is used by the Banso people,a tribe from the Northwest regoin of Cameroon.He defends his culture and sends out consoling words to everyone who have lost a love one."Bang Se  Ngar" was produced by Dj Cliff himself.Click on the link below and enjoy.



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